Amuka Esports: The Canadian investing company whose help has been invaluable to us. Amuka have helped us with many things, from invitations to tournaments to consulting in how to take your organisation to the next level. They are a diverse group of people, always eager to help newcomers and those who need some help with expanding with their brand in esports.

Our official jersey provider for 2020. With great service, fast communication and friendly workers, they offer a wide variety of products, from shirts to keychains and coffee mugs. A perfect jersey company with great offers for even the smallest clans in the world.

Ebbot data has the best service for you and your computer, located just 30 minutes outside Stockholm.
This is also where our official bootcamp location is. Here, the whole team can gather and have a much more effective sessions before important ma

The Naia Initiative is our official drink sponsor, providing us with premium energy drinks to keep us mentally active at all times. Together we work towards our vision of living a healthy, active and happy lifestyle.

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