With tight communication, strong willpower and a humane approach we make sure our players get what they need to expand and develop as players and as a team. Dragonborn esport is a perfect organisation for the player who wants to take their first step into a serious career in esports. All our players are under contract and represent our organisation with dignity.

We make sure to stay in touch with our partners and always keep updated on our visions to stay aligned and coordinated. This way we always get the most out of our partnerships and other collaborations.

Why choose Dragonborn?

Dragonborn was founded by Ex-Pro Female CS:GO player Cecilia "ZCHIILA" Björck, who most notably represented Bad Monkey Gaming in Copenhagen Games 2017. ZCHIILA wasn't satisfied with how organisations treated their players. How money was everything that mattered. How they focused on quantity instead of quality... So she founded her own organisation, where she would be able to work towards her own vision. Therefore we are always 100 % behind our players and value the players over everything. Our number one vision is that everyone involved in this project will be satisfied and gain valuable experience to use in future endeavours.

Cecilia "ZCHIILA" Björck

CEO of Dragonborn Esport and Former Top Female CS:GO player for Bad Monkey Gaming